Training & Mentoring

Whether you've just recruited to a new position or you want to expand the knowledge of existing fundraising staff, understanding the importance of research is crucial for any successful fundraising team.

We provide specialist training that enables fundraisers and researchers to get up to speed quickly, with the skills and knowledge needed to seek out new funding opportunities and positively contribute to the development of your fundraising team.

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest" Benjamin Franklin

We have a team of experts able to train individuals and teams in all areas of fundraising research and management. From profiling HNWIs and researching new funding opportunities, to international market research and knowledge management, Giving Insight offers bespoke and tailored training to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to maximise your fundraising potential.

We also offer mentoring to researchers and fundraisers, both as part of our training package and independently. We derive huge satisfaction from mentoring fundraising professionals; watching them reach their potential whilst providing new and innovative ways to help your fundraising team achieve its goals. But our mentoring doesnt just stop when the time runs out; we look to build long-term relationships with all our mentorees. Watching them flourish in the sector gives us a real sense of achievement and a lasting legacy.

Our clients include:
Diabetes UK
The Elders