Interim Prospect Research Services

Our interim services provide you with your own dedicated professional prospect researcher with the level of support you need - whether this is 1 day a month or 2 days a week. We can provide professional prospect research support in the short or longer term to help meet your targets and in an affordable way.

The advantages of our interim services include:

  • Having an experienced and dedicated professional prospect researcher to support your organisation
  • Flexibility to buy as much or as little help as you need
  • No employment liabilities, sick pay, holiday pay, pensions etc.
  • No recruitment fees

What we can do for you

All our researchers are experienced prospect researchers that utilise the latest techniques, resources and knowledge to help your organisation realise the benefits research can bring to your fundraising operation. Examples of prospect research activities we can undertake include:

  • Database Screening – we can help manage the process of getting your organisation’s database screened by key providers such as Prospecting for Gold, WealthEngine and Factary. We can help analyse the results of initial screenings and provide advice on the best course of action, based on your requirements.
  • Database development/management – we can help your development team get the best out of the data it holds on supporters and prospects; if you need extra support to help get on top of your database, we can offer experience of database management and systems development.
  • Prospect Ratings – our researchers can help organisations to develop a prospect ratings system to use in-house that will enable fundraising staff to identify and rank potential prospects on an ongoing basis. The outcome is a ratings protocol that specifically meets your needs and can be easily applied to other lists in future by fundraising staff, so that there is a consistent means of prioritising prospects across your organisation even after our researcher has left.
  • Profiling – our researchers can provide in depth intelligence for your key prospects to help better understand their interests, motivations and giving capacity. Utilising a range of subscription resources (such as corporate databases), profiles can be produced on companies, trusts or individuals (HNWIs) with each profile specifically tailored to meet your needs. Our aim is to ensure that when it comes to begin engaging prospects, you are comprehensively prepared.
  • Finding new funders – we take a holistic approach to helping you grow your prospect pool of high-quality potential donors. Our experienced researchers can help discover potential major donors from your existing donor pool (warm prospects) for example, or find new (cold) prospects not yet engaged with your organization; including HNWIs, trusts and companies. We aim to provide prospects that meet your specific requirements, but we can also advise on research strategy and how to get the best results from database screening if you need a little extra help.
  • Ethical screening and due diligence – before accepting any major donation, your organisation needs to be sure of the ethical credentials of the donor. The last thing you want is to damage your reputation and compromise your values. We can help screen donors against your gift acceptance policy (if you have one), or help you develop bespoke due diligence systems from the beginning. Either way, you’ll be sure to know that your both your income and reputation won’t suffer as a result.
Our clients include:
Diabetes UK
The Elders