International Market Research

Philanthropy is now a truly global activity. Whether it's wealthy alumni living overseas or a foundation making cross-border grants, understanding the fundraising landscape as well as the potential opportunities that exist is vital to the success and sustainability of your organisation's fundraising efforts.

We are experienced in providing unique insight into fundraising markets from around the world. We not only help organisations to identify opportunities from HNWIs, foundations, corporates and individuals (DM), but we also provide an assessment of market conditions, restrictions and potential return. Our aim is to help you understand the overall implications of potential investment or expansion into new fundraising markets.

To give you an example of how we can help, we've put together a sample project (see below). We undertake research for a wide variety of not-for-profits including charities and universities; and our research can cover any combination of fundraising areas as well as geographic countries/regions.

Sample Project:

An international development organisation based in the UK is looking at the potential for expanding its fundraising beyond its own market. The organisation is specifically looking at fundraising from foundations and HNWIs in America, Asia and in Europe. The aim of the research is to provide an overview of each of these funding streams in the locations specified; for example looking at how foundations operate in each region, what the size of the sector is, what the organisation needs to consider before entering the market place, as well as a list of potential foundation funders.

When looking at HNWIs, the research provides an overview of wealth and philanthropy in these geographic regions, as well as looking at the concept of cross-border philanthropy and what it means for an organisation. The report looks at how to engage these philanthropists, the potential barriers to engagement and also provides a list of potential HNWI donors that meet the brief.

But we dont just stop there. Where we add value is by often presenting alternative scenarios to consider based on the evidence we find. This might include recommending alternative sources of potential funding in these countries/regions that may offer a better return on investment, for example. This is why we pride ourselves on providing adaptive and intelligent research that challenges assumptions to give you the real picture.

Our clients include:
Diabetes UK
The Elders