Benchmarking & Comparator Research

Benchmarking your organisation against 'competitors' or similar sized charities is an excellent way of assessing your own fundraising capabilities as well as areas for improvement.

We provide expertise in helping you to assess your performance against a wide range of benchmarks, covering areas such as supporter services, major donors, companies and foundations.

So whether you want to compare income and expenditure, measure ROIs or understand organisational structures, we can provide detailed analysis through participatory questionnaires and interviews with those organisations you want to know more about. We can also help analyse performace over time, by providing annual reports and updates on key areas.

We aim to provide you with actionable learnings that help improve performance and maximise opportunity.

Sample Project:

Charity A is undertaking a strategic review of it fundraising activities, but wants to find out where it sits amongst similar organisations to draw out key fundraising areas requiring investment. The charity has 5 other charities in mind and wants to discover how they compare in terms of performance in each of the key fundraising areas (trusts, legacies, companies, major donors, trading and individual giving).

The analysis covers income and expenditure figures, relative ROIs, staff numbers and roles as well as monitoring and evaluation policies and procedures. The report presents the key findings from the research as well as graphically representing the data for easy comparison; providing insightful analysis of each fundraising area with a view to informing the strategic review process.

Our clients include:
Diabetes UK
The Elders